Side effects of garcinia cambogia


garcinia cambogiaEver since a leading American TV doctor devoted a programme to the fat-burning powers of garcinia cambogia extract, the internet has been alive with reports and testimonials about this amazing weight-loss supplement. It curbs your appetite, it energises you and it stops your body storing fat on your belly and thighs. Amazing, huh?

Even though garcinia cambogia extract is a global success story and thousands have lost weight with its help, it would be perfectly normal to ask yourself whether garcinia cambogia is too good to be true. What, if any, are the garcinia cambogia extract side effects?

First, let’s recap the benefits of garcinia cambogia extract. You may have read that within the rind of garcinia cambogia, a pumpkin-shaped fruit indigenous to regions of India and Asia, can be found hydroxycitric acid (HCA).

HCA is pretty amazing stuff: it’s an appetite suppressant, but it also increases your body’s natural levels of serotonin, “the happy hormone”. Boosting serotonin makes you feel happier, more energised and – crucially – full. Happiness breeds confidence and self-confidence helps you feel you can achieve your weight-loss goals, so you stick to your diet.

Better still, brighter moods make you less susceptible to the comfort-eating that feeling bleak can often spark. But perhaps best of all, HCA inhibits the enzyme in your body that stores excess carbohydrates as fat. Instead, you burn those carbs as energy.

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So, this totally natural product is packed with benefits, but are there any garcinia cambogia side effects?


We should say first that there haven’t been many cambogia garcinia side effects reported. So it’s fairly likely that you won’t notice anything untoward while you’re taking it. But it’s best to be prepared.

side effects of garcinia cambogiaReported cambogia side effects are:


  • Minor discomfort in your digestive tract

  • Mild nausea

  • Mild headaches.

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Garcinia Cambogia Side EffectsOur research has shown that these side effects are rare. Most people taking garcinia cambogia extract actually keep going with the supplement because they are so happy with the weight they’ve lost.

However, we thought it was important these garcinia cambogia side effects were out in the open. However, if you take garcinia cambogia extract and experience anything more severe than those symptoms listed above, you should talk to your doctor as soon as possible and stop taking the garcinia cambogia until advised otherwise.


We think it’s also important to say that there are a few groups of people who shouldn’t take garcinia cambogia extract. Even though garcinia is a natural product (and safer than man-made diet pills), it’s not for everyone. If you’re breastfeeding, you should avoid garcinia cambogia. If you’re pregnant, or think you might be pregnant, you shouldn’t take it either.


Don’t worry if you find out you’re pregnant and you’ve already started taking garcinia cambogia. You shouldn’t experience any problems. However, we recommend you contact your doctor if you’re at all concerned.

Finally, if you have a history of Alzheimer’s or severe stomach problems, garcinia cambogia is also best avoided.


So those are the side effects of garcinia cambogia; for most users, though, the benefits far outweigh any rare and minor discomfort.


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