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garcinia cambogiaSo you’ve made the decision to take control of your weight loss and achieve the body you’ve always wanted.

You’ve probably researched loads of diet products and come to the conclusion that, out of all the weight-control supplements out there, only pure garcinia cambogia can make a genuine, effective difference to your dieting journey.

To help you further, we’ve rounded up some garcinia cambogia extract reviews. We realise that it’s a big commitment, purchasing a diet pill. In these harsh economic times, we all need to make sure our hard-earned money goes as far as it can.

Unfortunately, some unscrupulous sellers are cashing in on the popularity of garcinia cambogia extract and offering poor quality products that won’t help you to succeed in losing weight. So we’ve compiled a “before you buy” checklist, and collated some garcinia cambogia formula reviews so you can make an informed decision about what you’re buying.

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Garcinia cambogia: what to look for before you buy

No garcinia cambogia review would be complete without revealing some of the key things you need to look for before buying garcinia cambogia extract. The first big question is: Can you see the ingredients on the website?

If you can’t see the label, that’s a warning sign that the product may not live up to its claims. You first need to check the HCA level. HCA (hydroxycitric acid) is the amazing part of garcinia cambogia that stops your body storing excess carbs as fat.

HCA levels need to be at least 50% for you to get the most out of your garcinia cambogia.

While you’re reading the label, see whether you can see the word “potassium” (chemical symbol K). HCA is absorbed better in conjuction with mineral salts, ideally potassium. And finally, pure garcinia cambogia should be a 100 percent natural product. Any fillers, binders or artificial ingredients are not a good sign.

Second, are you being offered a free bottle? Watch out: this is often a scam. Yes, you’ll get a free bottle of garcinia cambogia, but not until you hand over lots of personal and banking details – and it’s not always straightforward to cancel your order so you may end up paying way more than you intended.

Third, where is the garcinia cambogia made?  The highest-quality garcinia cambogia extract is manufactured in the USA.

Garcinia Cambogia Reviews

You may come across these brands in your research into garcinia cambogia. These pure garcinia cambogia reviews tell you a little about each one.

puregarciniacambogiaPure Garcinia Cambogia Extract

This has an excellent 60% HCA content. It’s also made in the USA, and we’ve noticed they boast a money-back guarantee and occasionally offer free shipping. This is the one we recommend, but we’re not the only ones who like it: the site has been known to sell out.  Buy Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract Here.


selectGarcinia Cambogia Select

Again, good levels of HCA: 50%. Also this is a totally natural product, with no fillers. They ship everywhere although we have heard reports that delivery can sometimes be slow.


advanced garcinia reviewAdvanced Garcinia Cambogia

Sadly, this brand has not done well in cambogia garcinia reviews. Problems include being unable to see the ingredients on the website, and we have also heard that the “free bottle” trick is being played here, and that it’s hard to cancel.

miracle garciniaMiracle Garcinia Cambogia Extract

This is not a bad product. You can see the ingredients label on the website and we haven’t come across any bad reports.


We hope these pure garcinia cambogia reviews help you make the right choice for your future diet success.


We advise all our readers to try Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Buy it Here!

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