5kgs of Waste in Your Colon Could Be Preventing Your Weight Loss


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cleanse catalyst plusAre these common problems for you?

• Excess gas

• Bloated feeling

• Large belly

• Lack of energy

• Find it hard to lose weight?


If so, colon detoxification is for you!

The average person has roughly 5kgs of waste stuck in their colon after years of buildup. This is why colon cancer rates are increasing so drastically in New Zealand.

What is the answer to reduce weight and live a healthier lifestyle?

The Solution: Cleanse Catalyst

The Cleanse Catalyst Plus detox formula can help you to quickly remove the excrement from your colon to prevent health issues and improve your weight goals.

Getting rid of the toxic waste building up in your colon for many years will help you to feel far more energetic and will make it easier to stop eating unnecessarily. By combining this cleanse with garcinia cambogia, you can see tremendous weight loss!

Cleanse Catalyst New Zealand


How it Helps You Lose Weight


The colon cleanse works quickly to get rid of the waste so you can feel more energetic, reduce the weight, and help you feel less bloated.


By removing the mucous and parasites that live in this excrement, you will be able to absorb food far better. This can allow you to eat less food and continue losing weight afterwards. More importantly, it will prevent you from eating unhealthy sweet or fatty foods.

I’m Ready to Detox Now!

Want Faster Weight Loss?


If you want to have better weight loss results, combine this colon cleanse with garcinia cambogia. When you combine these 2 incredibly powerful products, the results can be staggering! 

Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia:

• Reduce appetite

• Prevent comfort eating / snacking

• Preventing fat storage

 Read more about Garcinia Cambogia on our homepage here.

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